Pokemon Copper: Mailgirl
This page is for characters who are either Gym Leaders, random cameos, or... just don't fit into the other cast page.

Name: Lapis Lazuli
Alias: Lapis, Lazuli
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Pokemon Team: Violet (Snorunt, Shiny), Tarazed, (Charizard, Shiny)
First Appearance: Page 60- Violet City
Field of Interest: Geneticist
Owned By: Jaelin (No SJ)
Bio: Lapis Lazuli is a hyperactive trainer from Hoenn. She has an extensive history as a trainer, but isn't really into battling. She's also something of a spaz at times, and tends to be oblivious to certain things. Her grandparents run the day care in Hoenn, so she knows every day care couple in all of the regions, and is often wandering around running errands for them. She has, however, a terrible sense of direction, and is very prone to getting lost, often winding up in places that she didn't even know existed. Because of this, she has an extensive list of pokemon, however she doesn't always like battling and more often than not they remain in their pokeballs. Lapis is a masterful breeder, and claims to be able to "get shiny pokemon guaranteed by just having one parent be shiny!" (This has yet to be confirmed, but her shiny snorunt indicates that she might be telling the truth.) She also has some stronger pokemon, like a shiny Charizard, but prefers to evolve her pokemon to study them than to battle them, so they're only at the basic level that's required to evolve them. She is also a little oblivious to these pokemon's power, and will send them out for battle if they have a type advantage.

Name: Falkner
Alias: Gym Leader Falkner
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Pokemon Team: ???
First Appearance: Page 67- Lucelle's Letter
Field of Interest: Violet City Gym Leader (gives out Zephyr Badge)
Owned By: Nintendo/Game Freak
Bio: A calm man who is the last of the original Johto/Kanto Gym Leaders due to his relatively young age. Falkner is welcoming of rookie trainers, eager to face new challenges, but not without a drive to be powerful to put them to the test. He is somehow linked to Lucelle, and as such is willing to follow her... very strange requests.