Pokemon Copper: Mailgirl
Main Characters:
Characters who are recurring and/or will appear often will be under this category.

Name: Neutral Copper
Alias: Neutral, Neut
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Pokemon Team: Kimono (Snorunt), Lucky (Buneary)
First Appearance: Page 1- Talking to Yourself
Field of Interest: None
Bio: Gentle, usually carefree and a tad clueless about the world around her. When someone she cares about is in trouble, she'll either freak out or fall into a blind fury of rage. A calm trainer who cares about her pokemon, she does everything she can to make them feel comfortable, even so much as letting them hitch rides on her head. She moved to Johto from the Kanto region with her mother and father when she was ten. It seems that, at some point in the past, she had two important figures in her life - one who encouraged her to become a trainer, and one who told her she was a fool to consider doing so. Since she is a new trainer, many pokemon's strengths and weaknesses escape her. She's also very trusting, going so far as to trust the thief who stole Chikorita. Neutral has a way of befriending random people she meets, whether by choice or by accident. Apparently, she resembles her mother. She doesn't like being alone, and is quick to adjust to the idea of traveling with Askan. Neutral's reactions to situations that surprise her aren't exactly... normal. (Hat mafia, anyone?) She is constantly going out of her way to help people, and would even do things that aren't exactly along the lines of her better judgment for other people. Neutral recieved a pokedex from Professor Oak- god alone knows why he gave her one. She is also afraid of Rattata and worries about the well-being of pokemon constantly, whether they are her own or not. She is something of a weirdness magnet- that is, weird people tend to gravitate to her position. She is, however, blissfully unaware of this fact and thinks that it's whoever she happens to be with.

Name: Ethan Gold
Alias: Ethan, Eath
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Pokemon Team: Cyndaquil
First Appearance: Page 2- New Bark Town
Field of Interest: Gym Challenge
Bio: Eager, brave, and the type to never back down from a challenge. He's one of Neutral's neighbors in New Bark Town, and the two have been friends since Neutral moved to Johto. Ethan is hard-headed and tends to be overzealous, and can often get in over his head. Luckily, he's got Lyra around to help him out. He is prone to random bursts of strange activity (as seen with the 'Hat mafia' incident). Ethan is overconfident in his abilities, especially when he has a type advantage, and is quick to make assumptions about his abilities, and his pokemon's abilities, in battle. That's not to say he's not a good trainer- he's just too confident with what he can do.

Name: Lyra Crystal
Alias: Lyra
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Pokemon Team: Toto (Totodile), Sprout (Bellsprout)
First Appearance: Page 2- New Bark Town
Field of Interest: Contests
Bio: Happy and cheerful, and always optimistic. She's one of Neutral's neighbors in New Bark Town, and befriended her through Ethan. Lyra enjoys all things beautiful, natural, and especially likes the water. She can also be a bit of a girly-girl at times. She truly cares for her friends, especially Ethan, who she's had to get out of trouble on more than one occasion. She is prone to random bursts of strange activity (as seen with the 'Hat mafia' incident). Lyra is a surprisingly competent trainer who knows how to combine attacks well to produce masterful appeals, despite just starting out. She probably watches a lot of TV. Lyra is also eager to test newly caught pokemon, and enjoys battling to see what kinds of appeals she can pull off.

Name: Askan Silver
Alias: Askan, Red Haired Kid
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Pokemon Team: Chikorita, Koffing, Buizel
First Appearance: Page 4- Job Request (hidden) / Page 21- Red Haired Boy (visible)
Field of Interest: Pokemon Master
Bio: A mysterious boy who has red hair, Neutral found out his name when she found his trainer card. He's a bit rash and tends to act quickly and without much thought. He is headstrong and determined to win battles, even if it means using pokemon with a disadvantage. He has experience as a trainer, but due to his brash nature he doesn't always win the battles he's in. Though slightly chaotic, there is logic behind his actions, even if that logic doesn't always make sense. He's quick to calm down, though, and just seems to be a misguided individual. He also doesn't seem to know when to back down from a fight. Askan gets irritated whenever someone brings up the fact that he stole Chikorita - this indicates that he regrets his decision to do so. He is quick to anger, but also quick to calm down. No one's sure how his system of logic works, but he seems to want to take on strong trainers so he can get stronger himself. Due to the antics of everyone around him, he is forced to take everything in stride and silently wishes he could smack them across the face. He has a slight ego but he knows when to stand down and apologize for his rash behavior. Neutral seems to think he's a weirdness magnet; that is, he has the ability to attract all sorts of weirdos to his position.

Name: Ginny Garnet
Alias: Neutral and Askan's Self Proclaimed Rival
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Pokemon Team: Geodude
First Appearance: Page 56- Rival
Field of Interest: Rival
Bio: An eccentric girl who has proclaimed herself Neutral and Askan's rival. Neither of them have any idea who the heck she is or why she wants to be their rival though, as she tends to jump into things unannounced and almost never thinks anything through. Ginny is over the top and could be considered insane, and most people around her wonder what the heck is wrong with her. She is also a bit of a ditz who forgets her type advantages and disadvantages sometimes. When she loses, she's prone to calling people 'mean', and while she's quick to hold a grudge she's never quite serious about it.

Recurring Characters:
Characters who will appear often, but not as much as the main character(s), will show up here.

Name: Stacy Copper
Alias: Neutral's Mom, Stacy
Age: 38
Gender: Female
Pokemon Team: Unknown
First Appearance: Page 9- Motherly Love
Field of Specialty: Mother
Bio: Neutral's mother. Quite obvious, really. A kindhearted woman who supports her daughter in whatever she does. Rumor has it that she was once a trainer, but this has yet to be confirmed. She is friends with many people, including but not limited to Professor Elm, Ethan's Parents, Lyra's Parents, Lucelle, and the Day Care people. Apparently, she resembles her daughter. There seems to be more to her than meets the eye. She is the one who initially suggests that Neutral and Askan travel together. Stacy is good at determining how people raise pokemon by taking a look at them - it is through these means that she determines Askan should travel with her daughter, since he wasn't raising his pokemon as well as he could.

Name: Lucelle Kansho
Alias: Lucelle
Age: 39
Gender: Female
Pokemon Team: Houndoom, Suukenes (Charizard)
First Appearance: Page 13- Cherrygrove City
Field of Specialty: Fire Specialist (Theorized by Askan)
Bio: A mysterious woman Neutral met in Cherrygrove City. Not much is known about her at this stage, other than that she seems to be a powerful trainer. She is also friends with Neutral's mother and Mr. Pokemon, not to mention that she knows who Askan's father is. It's unknown whether she wears that hood for style or to hide her face. She is merciless in battle, even against rookie trainers. And no, she's not secretly Neutral's real mother. She is very confident in her abilities, but there's high possibility that she has full reason to be.

Name: Hideki Indigo
Alias: Hideki
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Pokemon Team: Slyt (Sandshrew, Shiny), Rattata
First Appearance: Page 41- Irritation
Field of Specialty: ???
Bio: A stranger with purple hair who Neutral and Askan met in the Cherrygrove Pokemart. He is friends with Lucelle, and either knows or has heard of Stacy and Askan's father. Kindhearted and willing to help out strangers, and generally a very relaxed person. He is, more often than not, a happy person. And yes, he can open his eyes. Hideki knows Professor Oak, as evidenced by how he knew it was Oak who gave Neutral her pokedex. He is also confident in his abilities, and seems to be a skilled battler whose personality almost transforms when he's in battle.

Name: Outalon Bronze
Alias: Outalon
Age: 39
Gender: Male
Pokemon Team: ???
First Appearance: Mention- Page 67- Lucelle's Letter; Actual Appearance unknown
Field of Specialty: ???
Bio: Neutral's father. At this point in time there's not much known about him.

Other Characters:
Characters who have minor roles but are worth noting will be under this category.

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Name: Professor Elm
Alias: Professor
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Pokemon Team: Unknown
First Appearance: Page 3- Career Options
Field of Specialty: Pokemon Professor
Bio: A talented Pokemon professor, Elm specializes in the study of Pokemon eggs and evolution, as well as strange abilities and Pokemon Breeding. Perhaps he'll finally be the one to discover where Pokemon Eggs come from. Anyway, Elm lives in New Bark Town along with Ethan, Neutral, and Lyra, and is the one who gave all three their starter Pokemon. He can, surprisingly, remain calm under pressure, which is a good trait to have when you're constantly giving creatures of mass destruction out to teenagers. He doesn't seem to mind that one of his pokemon was stolen now that he's met the one who stole it.